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Using IMDSv2 from within Docker container

After upgrading from IMDSv1 to IMDSv2, when I started a service that uses the AWS SDK inside a Docker container, I suddenly got a credential error. However, ...


Product > Perform Action > Run Without Building を選択し、 iOS シミュレータでアプリを実行している場合、lldb でプロセスにアタッチすると(Debug > Attach to Process も同じ)、以下のエラーが発生した。

Swift REPLでiOS SDKを使う

ときには Xcode や Playground で Swift コードを実行するのではなく、Swift REPL で実行したい場合がある。

Get waiting tasks count in Celery

If you’re using Redis as broker, you can simply run the following command to get the number of waiting tasks in a queue:

Send Python logs to Teams

When any error occurs in your application, by sending error notifications to Teams (or Slack, etc.), you can know what happened and deal with the problem imm...